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Projektteam CisU
Projektteam CisU

Project team

Logo bit schulungscenter für Projekt CisU

bit schulungscenter GmbH, Austria

bit (= best in training) schulungscenter (= training centre), founded in 1986, is one of the leading education providers in the area of labour-market projects, vocational education, training and employability in Austria. Our clear strength is our experience and know-how in designing (didactics, methodology, instructional design) and carrying out diverse national and international projects. We have substantial experience in working with different target groups, e.g. young people, young unemployed adults, and their educational needs through our regular activities. We employ 263 highly experienced staff in seven Austrian regions, which enables us to draw on up to-date know-how and creative training methods for the design of our projects.

Logo MAD for Europe für Projekt CisU

MAD for Europe, Spain

We are a non-profit association, founded in 2015, active in the labour market and the fields of Education, Training and Youth Culture. Our paths are focused on social work and voluntary services, education, training and promotion of new technologies, culture and art. We realize that our goal is the educational and professional growth of the person, whether young or old, for this we have a great experience. Among our functions, you can find the management and implementation of projects in order to encourage citizen participation, European mobility, youth exchanges, the realization of a wide range of specialized training courses, support for young unemployed, reintegration of people with inclusion problems in our society, language training and the promotion of the artistic and historical heritage.


EDUCA INTERNATIONAL, o.p.s., Czech Republic

Educa International, o.p.s. is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established in order to provide beneficial services for the public aimed at education and development of human resources support of qualification and further education of pedagogic staff organization of internships for students, young employees, teachers and trainers. Our Services: Educa International, o.p.s. under the foundation letter administrates the following mentioned tasks: Organization of educational, cultural and sport activities for young people, Education and development of human resources, Qualification and re-qualification of employees, further education for pedagogic staff, trainers and teachers, Professional internships for students, young employers, teachers, trainers and tutors, Organization of professional courses, trainings and other educational events including tutoring activities, Erasmus+ Traineeships for Czech university students in foreign companies and institutions, Publishing activity.

Stowarzyszenie Nowa Kultura i Edukacja für Projekt CisU

Stowarzyszenie Nowa Kultura i Edukacja, Poland

Established in 2012, the association operates in Grodzisk Mazowiecki and Łódź, focusing on educating adults and children, as well as promoting and organizing cultural events. We run anti-violence workshops, anti-sexual violence, awareness-raising about HIV and AIDS, and support the self-development of seniors. We organize contemporary art exhibitions, concerts, a festival of Jewish culture, we care for the memory of the town of Grodzisk Mazowiecki. We run an independent book publishing house.

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