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Here you can find all the information about the Erasmus+ project

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Experience culture with our Erasmus+ project "CisU" - because CULTURE IS YOU!

Rediscover culture as a part of you. Culture is often understood as something abstract and intended for a specific group of people. The normal population and people who are affected by disabilities have difficulties identifying with the abstract concept of culture. The CisU project aims to break down this prevailing understanding of culture.

Participation in cultural life is a human right and not only for an elite group of people. The project aims to put culture at the centre and not physical, psychological or financial limitations. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to create an understanding for culture already in basic education. Therefore, a concept is being developed for educators to use in their courses. This approach does not only have an impact on the individuals. People who are educated in this way are better integrated into society, get easier access to culture, become more self-confident, but also access to the labour market or career advancement opportunities are increased.

Leitbild CisU culture is you
Leitbild CisU culture is you

Guiding principles

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Our Vision 

Our vision is to promote cultural awareness and understanding among young adults. The aim is to facilitate access to culture for this group of people in order to integrate them into society.

Our Mission

We provide people working in adult education with a teaching concept and materials on cultural education that they can use directly in their training courses to bring young adults closer to European culture and let them actively experience and shape culture. 

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