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Projekt CisU culture is you
Projekt CisU culture is you



We are living in turbulent times, the migration crisis, advancing digitalisation and the COVID19 pandemic are creating a lot of uncertainty - especially for people who have fewer opportunities and are affected by economic barriers. The challenges of our time can only be solved together, and that requires cohesion and a shared cultural understanding for a colourful, diverse, common Europe.



However, it often seems as if culture is only made for a certain target group. That is not correct. Our target group, the disadvantaged adults, also have a right to experience culture. No one should be left behind - inclusion is our concern! Whether people are employed or unemployed, or people with migration biographies, everyone has the same right to experience culture. 



Currently, educational measures for adults are mostly limited to concrete skills that can be applied "on the job" or to the acquisition of language. In the field of cultural education, there are no freely accessible and digitally available materials for adults, according to preliminary research for the project. 


We are developing learning materials such as games or workshops as part of the project. People in adult education also have the possibility to use the developed materials for their lessons. These materials can help to understand the culture better and thus contribute to shaping European culture.

Übersicht Ergebnisse

In order to achieve our goals, we will develop the following outcomes within the framework of this project:

Project result 1


Project result 2


Project result 3


Project result 4


Ergebnis 1

Project result 1


As for many young adults culture is a very abstract concept, we want to show them with learning materials and a board game that culture is not that difficult to understand. But in order to develop these materials, it is important to first think about their design. Therefore, a didactic concept and a curriculum for the learning materials and the game will be created.

Design materials for cultural knowledge building

Ergebnis 2

Project result 2


To give young adults a better understanding of culture, learning materials will be developed that include information on "What is culture" and "What are the domains of culture", as well as interesting and entertaining examples of different areas of culture. To make learning more exciting, many videos and animations will be included. The materials will be available on an online learning platform.

Learning about culture

Ergebnis 3

Project result 3


To understand European culture, it is important not only to learn about it theoretically, but also to experience it. Therefore, a haptic board game is being developed that can be played by our target group, because learning through playing is easy and fun for the learners. It will also have a positive impact on adult educators as they get an idea of how to teach culture in a playful way and they get a fun and creative tool to integrate into their courses.

Play to experience culture

Ergebnis 4

Project result 4


A new workshop concept that can be used by many different educational institutions is being developed. It is being developed for a face-to-face course and one for an online course so that the concept can be used in many different settings. Trainers get inspired to include more cultural issues in their training as they receive many materials they can directly use. Young adult learners can develop their cultural awareness and competences as they receive very diverse tools that appeal to a wide range of learning types. They overcome the feeling that culture is something abstract and boring and there will be more people participating in cultural events and be better included into the society.

Guide to implementing arts education

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